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You should make sure that you teach your children the rules of the car scolaire before you put them on it when they head to school. There are some things that you should make sure that you are watching out for, including how the kids get on and off the bus, which can cause some serious injuries. Also, you should make sure that you are heading to the bus stop early to ensure that you aren’t rushing to get on or off the bus.

Basic School Bus Rules

When it comes to les transports scolaires, then you should make sure that the students that are riding the bus understand the rules. You should explain to them that these rules are implemented by the service des transports scolaires in order to keep them, their fellow students and the driver safe. You should make sure to tell them:

1. Not to yell on the bus
2. Never to walk on the bus unless it has stopped completely
3. Cross the streets only after checking both ways
4. Remain in the view of the bus driver
5. Don’t move around on the bus
6. Obey the driver
7. Keep all body parts in the school bus

When you teach your children what they should and shouldn’t be doing, then it helps to support the prise en charge transport scolaire who already have their hands full. You should make sure that your child understands why they need to follow these rules at all times. Also, make sure that they understand the reasoning behind them, including making sure that the bus driver can see them to prevent injuries and more.

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January 12